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How to authenticate

Please follow the instructions below for real-name authentication:

1. Log in to RSNCOIN account

2. Click "Authentication" in the drop-down menu of "Account" in the upper right corner

3. Fill in your own details

Please fill in strictly according to the following requirements to avoid delay in the certification process:

• The certificate must be a passport, ID card, driving license

• The name and country must be exactly the same as the ID. If you are from Taiwan, please select Taiwan

• Requirements for the photo for certification:

• Support JPG, PNG format;

• Please do not upload scans or copies;

• The photo must be less than 5MB;

• The information on the certificate must be clearly visible, no modification or obscuration is allowed, and the certificate number and name must be clearly visible.


4. Just wait patiently for the review. Generally, the review can be completed within 24 hours.