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RsnCoin's reminder on the safety of user accounts 2021-04-15

Dear RsnCoin users:

  RsnCoin has operated the digital asset exchange safely and stably for three years, serving millions of users, relying on a professional risk control system to ensure the safety of user accounts and assets. We will continue to protect the safety of your accounts and funds as always. At the same time, please raise your awareness of security precautions and protect the security of your personal accounts.

Safety precautions:

1. Do not use highly similar phishing websites, look for the official encrypted website

2. When registering, please do not use the same password as other websites, modify it regularly and keep in mind the login/security fund password; do not disclose personal account, password, security fund password and other security information to others;

3. After successful registration, complete the mobile phone and email verification, and open the two-factor authentication login;

4. Do not save the password locally. If you lose it, please contact customer service;

5. Do not easily provide others for use;

6. Open the transaction password when placing an order to avoid malicious transactions by others;

7. Set the anti-phishing code;

8. Improve security awareness and do not log in accounts on public electronic devices; install the latest anti-virus software on personal computers to avoid password leakage caused by Trojan virus infection;

9. Do not click and download files from unknown sources, unknown links and log in to unsafe websites;

10. Be careful of fake emails/text messages sent by the official, do not click on the links or attachments inside, make sure that the link is the official website of RsnCoin before logging in to the RsnCoin account, RsnCoin will never ask you for your password, SMS or email verification code, and Google verification code;

11. RsnCoin will only publish platform information on the official website and official community. Do not believe any unofficial information on the community. If you have any questions, please consult the official website customer service.

       Thank you for your support and trust in RsnCoin!